Blac Chyna, Rob Kardashian, Engaged

Xavier Collin/Image Press/Splash

Rest easy, Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna. We've got the baby name game down!

In anticipation of the birth of the couple's baby boy or girl, we took it upon ourselves to suggest some names for the Kardashian clan's newest family member. And you can believe us when we say we've definitely put some thought into the process.

Read on for some of our top picks!

Egypt: Chyna is already mom to son King Cairo, so Egypt is a natural follow-up in terms of geography. Plus Egypt is gender neutral so it works for a boy or girl.

Robert III: Duh! As we all know Rob is named after his late father Robert Kardashian. If they have a boy, Robert III is an obvious choice.

Queen: If they have a girl, King Cairo's little sis would be honored to follow in his royal footsteps. And if they wanna follow Kardashian family tradition they could tweak the spelling to Kween (see what we did there!).

Arthur George: Arthur George is already the name of Rob's successful sock business. Arthur is Rob's middle name and George was the middle name of his late father. 

Chris: If they have a baby boy they could honor Rob's mama Kris Jenner with the name Chris.

Anthony/Tony: Again if it's a boy, they could honor Chyna's mother Tokyo Toni with the name Tony.

Kash: We don't think we need to explain this one.

Osaka/Kyoto/Anything Japanese. We're following in the vein of Tokyo Toni with this theme.

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