What is Coco doing on the floor, and why are Spartacus and Maximus wearing sunglasses?

This Sunday's episode of Ice Loves Coco will reveal all, but this preview clip drops a few hints. Coco has the idea to make a calendar full of pictures of Sparty and Max, as she hopes to start a career as a "semi-professional photographer." Since this is Coco we're talking about, that means getting a full photography studio and an array of doggie outfits for the pups.

Ever seen a bulldog wearing a gangster chain? Now's your chance. You're welcome, America!

As the preview clip reveals, though, it isn't always easy to get a couple of bulldogs to sit still and have their picture taken while wearing tiny hats. Will Coco's photoshoot turn out in the end? Tune in to a new episode of Ice Loves Coco on E! this Sunday 10:30 and find out!

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