Ice Loves Coco, Red Hot

Don't mess with Ice's Kool-Aid! That's the lesson Coco learned the hard way on "Baby Got Backseat Driver."

The blonde bombshell started making some radical changes after noticing Ice's eating habits were effed—think twinkies at midnight, and a goodie drawer dedicated to all of his favorite snacks.

But before she can, Soulgee confesses that he finally wants to learn how to drive. He was ovah the whole idea when, at age 15, he was driving a go-kart and flipped it, somehow. Coco wants to help him make his dreams come true, and offers a piece of wisdom: "This is the first lesson you're gonna get from me: Flip a bitch."

Coco gets a lesson of her own too, after a nutritionist tells her, "Your house needs an intervention." Sooo, she decides to do just that, starting with the kitchen, where she cleans out all of Ice's favorite foods. "Why are you talking French?" Ice says. "We?"

But he eventually comes around, "I'll do it as much as I possibly can," he says, "But I'm not gonna say I'll do it with a smile on my face." He even goes to a health store to help Coco stock up on new food: "Stuffed grape leaves? I didn't even know a grape had a leaf!"

One thing Ice does know? Driving. And even though Coco had the best intentions for Soulgee, it becomes clear that she's not helping him get any better behind the wheel. Seeing an opportunity, he takes them all to a go-kart track. But Coco isn't so sure her friend is ready to move on, "Ice wants to make everything fun, but Soulgee is still traumatized from this big go-kart accident he was in."

In spite of Coco's hesitations, Ice pushes forward, saying, "We're not going to use the word 'Fear' anymore. We're going to turn it into 'Fun.'" He then added, "The great thing about go-karts is there's no back seat. There's no place for Coco."

Turns out, Ice was right! His plan works, and helps Soulgee get over his fear of driving. And to reward Ice for being such a good hubby, Coco cooks him his favorite meal: Tacos.

"Just give me some tacos and some Kool-Aid and I'm a happy man!" He says. Sounds yummy to us too!

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