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How does he do it?

Tyler Henry manages to amaze yet another celebrity client in this sneak peek from tomorrow night's all-new episode of Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry. This time around, it's Moby's turn to be shocked as the singer-songwriter can't believe the clairvoyant is picking up on so much information about his late father during the reading.

"Dad's side is kind of trying to pop in," Tyler says, before asking, "Do you know if anyone has any New Jersey connections on your dad's side?"

The DJ is at a loss for words before confirming his dad was from the Garden State.

Tyler then has to highlight two men named James—and Moby reveals one of them is his father.

"There's an acknowledgement that this man has a very close connection to you, but he's had a closer connection to you on the other side than he ever got in life in the way that this comes across," Tyler explains.

Moby is astonished and asks him, "Are you sure we've never met before?!"

Watch the clip above to find out what else Tyler shares with musician!

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