Danny Bonaduce, Amy Railsback

Michael Tran/FilmMagic

After a three year engagement, Danny Bonaduce has finally tied the knot with girlfriend Amy Railsback. The couple romantically met at a Starbucks a few years ago when Amy approached the red-head to tell him that she loved his disaster of a reality show Breaking Bonaduce. She used to be a teacher but now she's his manager, which sounds like a great game plan. Railsback followed Bonaduce to Philadelphia when he got a job at a radio show there. The couple planned a nice vacation in Maui, and when they arrived a wedding planner called their room, and that's when Danny figured out that he was about to have to go through with his proposal. Apparently his fiancée surprised him by taking care of the wedding plans, and when Bonaduce was confronted with the plan he "thought about it" and figured he might as well do it. And that, people, is called Destiny's Child.