Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Erin Andrews


Elisabeth Hasselbeck has pissed off somebody else. On The View, Hasselbeck spoke about Erin Andrews' revealing outfits on Dancing with the Stars. She said that if she was Andrews' stalker, who was just put behind bars for peeping on her while she was nude in her hotel room, she would think, "'Man, I just could've waited 12 weeks and seen this—a little bit less—without the prison time.'"

Erin is pissed and Elizabeth "apologized" today by doing a weird attempt at a cry and talking about how she explained to her kid that "mommy hurt someone's feelings" after the little girl asked "why mommy looks so sad."

First of all, I don't think for one second that her five-year-old said anything of the sort. The only thing that kid asks for in that house is some f--king gluten.

Second, it was actually kind of a funny joke. Maybe if Elisabeth wasn't known as such an a-hole she'd be able to make a joke or two and get away with it, like my friend Chelsea Lately. She never offends anybody.

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