Nick Cannon, Mariah Carey, Chelsea Handler

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey celebrated their anniversary by renewing their vows, which I'm pretty sure they have now done, like, five times. I used to think they kept getting married for attention, but now I actually think it's because both of them are so stupid they keep forgetting they already did it. 

Apparently Nick and Mariah share a love of candy Ring Pops, which isn't a big surprise if you've seen the size of Mariah's ass. For her anniversary gift, Nick gave her a custom-made Ring Pop ring.  It was shaped and looked just like a Ring Pop but was made of white gold, diamonds and pink sapphires. 

It sounds expensive, which seems risky. I would never spend much money giving anything to Mariah that looked like food, except for food. That ring doesn't stand a chance.

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