50 Cent, Susan Boyle

Rob Loud/Getty Images; ITV

With the popularity of Susan Boyle's new album I Dreamed a Dream, she's getting more attention than ever. One unexpected new fan is 50 "Fiddy" Cent. Fiddy has extended an invitation to Susan to record a song with him. He is convinced that they'd make a hit and that together they'd "get everyone dancing." He also said that he'd love to take her out in his "clubbing" world.

I like 50 Cent. He's a friend of the show, and a potential friend of my peekachoo. I don't know what kind of song these two kids would come out with, but I give them my blessing.

I don't think that he should take her out to clubs, though. I doubt any of the Dreams Susan has been dreaming involve grape liquor and a bulletproof vest.

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