Jersey Shore Cast

Scott Gries/Picture Group for MTV

Domino's Pizza has demanded that their ads shown during MTV's Jersey Shore be pulled immediately.  They have instructed all of their media buyers to yank Domino's commercials from any future episodes.  A rep for the company told TMZ that the "content" of the show is "not right for Domino's Pizza."

I've caught a bit of this show, and that content isn't right for anybody, so they may have a point.  Italian-Americans are also protesting the show, as they are very unhappy with the way that they are being portrayed. 

Some are saying that Domino's reacted to the Italian-American protest when they pulled their ads.  I suppose they think their food is Italian. I don't know if it's necessarily authentic Italian food, but it is delicious.  I've never met a Buffalo Chicken Kicker I didn’t like, Italian or not. But, I'm also from New Jersey, and I can vouch for this show.

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