Michael Lohan, Rachel Uchitel, Tiger Woods

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images, AP Photo/David Zentz, Chris Weeks/Getty Images

Michael Lohan has found a way to stick his camel balls into Tiger Woods' business.  He spoke out about the alleged Tiger/Rachel Uchitel affair and offered up some "advice" to Rachel in dealing with the press:  "Just take people and things that are said for what they're worth…what's concealed is revealed." 

What's concealed is definitely revealed if you make the mistake of leaving any sort of message on Michael Lohan's 1987 answering machine, so he does have a point.  He also stated that if Uchitel ever did want his "advice" on how to handle things, he'd be happy to give it to her.  I'm sure he'd happily give her a few other things she has no interest in, as well. 

You know your life is taking a big turn in the wrong direction if Michael Lohan wants to step in and lend you a handy J.  I liked him a lot better when someone else was sending out suicide tweets for him.

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