It's going to be that much harder to enjoy a movie--any movie--thanks to this doc. Rated reveals the mysterious ways of the movie ratings board, otherwise known as the MPAA, and you won't believe your eyes.

Who knew giving a movie a PG, PG-13 or R rating entailed more skullduggery than a KGB assassination plot? And yet, filmmaker Kirby Dirk peels away layer upon layer of the secrecy that shrouds this far from transparent American institution.

With no clues to go on (the very identities of raters are kept top secret), Dirk cleverly hires no-nonsense private investigator Becky Altringer to dig up the facts.

Filmmakers like Atom Egoyan also get their say about the bewildering reasons their films received revenue-crushing NC-17 ratings, and Dick himself encounters the board in a head-to-head confrontation that's so meta, it'll blow your mind. Score one for the consumer with this quirky, engaging, and unashamed expose.
--Dezhda Mountz

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