Actresses like Aimee Garcia, Karla Souza, and Kate del Castillo are joining forces with The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences. 

"I'm honored to be on the Academy's panel to discuss my experience in Hollywood because hopefully, it will inspire the next generation of Latinas to create the change they want to see," the Lucifer star tells E! News. "We need more Latina writers, directors, producers and actors so I"m happy to share my story to encourage more Latinas to become storytellers."

The stars will be hosting an event on Saturday in Beverly Hills along with many directors, writers, producers, and publicists. 

They'll be discussing their dreams, inspirations, and challenges, these artists, and industry professionals will reflect on such issues as the meaning of the image of Latinas on screen — and assumptions made behind the camera.

"The Academy has provided a platform to showcase some of the best Latino films made to date and I think that's extremely important because film is the most empathetic form of storytelling and influences how the world sees our community," Garcia says.

If you'd like to attend this free event, click here

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