Silence may be a very serious movie, but that doesn't mean Andrew Garfield can't have some fun while promoting the Martin Scorsese-directed drama.

Just watch the video above to see how things started went when I sat down with Garfield this weekend to discuss his starring role in the movie as one of two 17th century Jesuit priests (Adam Driver is the other) who travel to Japan to look for their mentor (Liam Neeson).

Let's just say that Garfield and I had a nice case of he giggles. Watch the video above for all of our fun. I promise you'll be laughing, too.


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Andrew Garfield, Silence

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Somehow, I did manage to find out what he was doing when he learned he was nominated for both a Golden Globe and SAG Award for his work in Hacksaw Ridge as a real-life conscientious objector during WWII who refused to use a weapon but managed to save 75 soldiers fighting on the frontlines.

"I was in bed, Marc," Garfield said. "I was in bed sleeping and then the other time I was in the shower washing."

What was he washing? Yeah, ya gotta watch the video to find out.

Don't worry—we did eventually focus and talked about Silence, his dramatic weight loss and more. Come back to E! Online tomorrow for the rest of our chat.

Silence is in select theaters on Friday, Dec. 23.

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