Meg Ryan has worked with Tom Hanks on a number of occasions, but Ithaca is the first time she got to direct the Oscar winner.

Hanks plays Ryan's husband in the film, which happens to be her directorial debut. The movie is also Ryan's first onscreen reunion with Hanks since You've Got Mail in 1998, and as she told E! News Thursday at the film's premiere, she still enjoys working with her former co-star!

"He's so cute, isn't he?" she said of Hanks. "He's so good and sweet. He's got like this much [indicates a small amount with her fingers] to do in the movie, but he just hits it out of the park."

Meg Ryan, Tom Hanks, Ithaca


But for as much as Ryan likes working with Hanks again, you won't catch her re-watching Sleepless in Seattle on a regular basis. When asked if she ever gets nostalgic about her older projects, Ryan answered with a resounding, "No!"

"I haven't really seen the movies very often," she said. "I mean, maybe I've seen each one of them once...We're talking about like a million years ago now!"

For much more of Ryan's interview—including what it was like directing her son Jack Quaid—watch the clip above. Ithaca opens in select theaters and is available on demand today.

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