Have you heard of Maltesers? If not, you're about to get really familiar.

That odd-sounding name is actually a British candy. They're basically the UK version of what we know as Whoppers: Malted milk candy covered in hard chocolate. They're the perfect movie theater treat, if we do say so ourselves, and definitely worth picking up should you ever find yourself across the pond. 

But why are we talking about Maltesers, delicious as they are? Because the company put out a totally ridiculous and awesome commercial that is taking the Internet by storm. 

The 30-second spot debuted for British audiences after the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics, but it's starting to catch fire all across the globe now. It depicts three friends having a coffee-and-candy break and stars disabled actress Storme Toolis, who is chatting to her girlfriends about having a bit of a...risqué moment with her boyfriend. 

You have to watch the commercial above to really get the full picture, but let's just say she describes having a tremor that her boyfriend...misinterprets. Are you using your imagination?

Now, this commercial is getting a lot of praise for several reasons. For starters, it's freaking hilarious. The novelty of a super dirty candy commercial never gets old, and the perfectly-timed spillage of the malted milk balls deserves an award. Somehow the Brits just manage to always one-up America when it comes to bedroom humor. 

But more importantly, everyone is into the spot because of how it completely normalizes the disabled actress. Simply featuring Toolis is, sadly, a big step for the commercial industry (and the entertainment industry in general). We all remember the controversies around big studio films casting able-bodied actors to play disabled roles. 

Fans on Twitter have been heaping positive words on the candy brand for this move, which hopefully will start to catch on with the rest of the advertising world. 

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