As George Stephanopoulos fittingly kicked off Good Morning America Tuesday, "Welcome back Michael!"

The morning marked Michael Strahan's first full-time day back on the GMA set following a not-so-smooth June exit from his post at LIVE alongside former co-host, Kelly RipaAs for his new daily partners, Stephanopoulos and Robin Roberts, they welcomed the retired football pro with a smile. 

"It is great to have you full-time with us—it does feel like the first day of school around here, doesn't it?" Roberts observed. 

"The only thing I'm missing is my Spider-Man lunchbox," Strahan quipped. While perhaps unintentional, the remark landed like a pun on the network's kid-friendly advertising of the athlete's return.

In a commercial highlighting Strahan's promotion, a mini-Michael is seen strutting the streets of New York, armed with his signature gap-toothed grin. 

When 7-year-old Ethan Barrett isn't busy mimicking Strahan for ABC commercials, the Pokémon aficionado is managing life in the second grade and playing with nerf guns, as he told ABC.

His Pokémon fandom was so well known, Barrett got a special gift from Strahan—a Pokémon-themed backpack. Now all Ethan needs is the matching lunchbox!

Live With Kelly and Michael, Kelly Ripa, Michael Strahan

David M. Russell, Disney/ABC Home Entertainment and TV Distribution

Meanwhile, over at the LIVE studio, Ripa launched the 19th season of the signature daytime show alongside actor Morris Chestnut as fans eagerly wait to learn who will permanently replace Strahan. 

While no announcements of a hire have been made as of yet, E! News can confirm Ripa was officially named executive producer alongside the show's longtime behind-the-scenes leader, Michael Gelman.

As both members of the former daytime duo settle into their roles apart after a tense spring and on-camera statement by Ripa, it seems bygones are officially bygones. 

"I really haven't missed it," Strahan said on the Netflix show Chelsea in June. "But I loved it. Don't get me wrong. I loved it. When you get a break, sometimes you kind of go, 'Wow, I kind of needed it.' I needed a break."

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