Britney Spears, Wink

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Is this an unspoken requirement for all pop music greats? It seems Rihanna isn't the only artist who can't get the whole winking thing down. Now, the Internet has discovered, Britney Spears is right there with her. In another round up by the user behind the RiRi discovery, @NotAgainBen pulled together a list of pretty adorable Britney winking fails. It's wonderfully titled, "Britney Spears can't wink either: the second mini thread."

The evidence speaks loud and clear. The "Make Me" singer uses both of her eyes to complete the gesture. Hey, two winks are better than one, and why not kill two birds with one stone? Catch the anti-wink in videos like "Toxic" and "Everytime." You will not be able to un-see it. These women are clearly just ahead of the curve, and before we know it, two-eyed winking will be the new black. Honestly, RiRi and Brit can do no wrong, so if they don't want to go about it like the rest of us regulars, then so be it.

HOLD. UP. We just Googled the definition of the word, and it turns out, literally everyone except Brit and RiRi has been winking incorrectly. According to, the act of winking is "to close and open one or both eyes quickly" (!!!!!!!!).  What the heck else have we all been doing wrong our entire lives? Like, honestly! Are we supposed to inhale through only one nostril? Should we cry with just one eye? Who knows anymore! Our world has been flipped like a flapjack, and our brain is dangling out of our nose. Mind blown. 

Truly we don't even know how to finish this article. All of our thoughts and theories and actions were wrong, and it's all happening so fast. Technically, we noticed the word could also be defined as, "to close and open one eye quickly as a hint or signal or with some sly meaning." Alright, so we're all correct in one way or another. Debate settled. Onward with the double wink! 

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