Not only does Serena Williams rule the tennis court...she's also the queen of the dance floor!

The tennis GOAT is the face of Delta Airlines' latest advertisement, which shows off her skills as she dreams of holding a dance-off.

The ad shows Serena getting on a plane and handing a flight attendant her tennis bag as she begins to fall into a deep slumber. In her dreams, she takes flight into a dance routine alongside WilldaBEAST. From interpretive dance to hip-hop to twerking, Serena proves she can do it we ever doubted her in the first place!

The tennis star shared the video on her own Instagram, writing, "Hey, I can keep up with @Willdabeast__," she joked. "In my dreams. Watch my new project now. @Delta."

Serena is referring to the airline's slogan: "Whatever your dreams are, keep climbing."

Serena Williams, Buzzed About Olympians

AP Photo/Elise Amendola

But this isn't the first time we've seen the athlete bust a move.

In fact, when Williams became the second woman ever to achieve a career Golden Slam—winning all four of tennis' Grand Slam titles, plus an Olympic gold medal—and the first player to achieve a Golden Slam in both singles and doubles in 2012, she celebrated properly: by Crip Walking on the court.

Combine this with her singing abilities, and we have ourselves a pop star!

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