ESC: September Horoscopes, Virgo, Zendaya

Rick Mendoza / BLW / AKM-GSI

Whether you're gearing up for school or September is just another work month for you, fall is upon us.

It's the time of year when most of us do a quick refresh—reorganizing our closets, setting goals for the new year and whatnot. According to celeb color astrologer Rose Theodora, of Enamel Diction, that's normal and healthy, but how you go about it depends on your sign.

For instance if you're a Virgo, like birthday babe Zendaya, it would serve you to chill out about and focus on your strengths instead of weaknesses. If you're in hardcore self-reflection mode this month, the astrologer recommends taking a peek at your rising sign, too.

For a full picture of the month ahead, click through to discover what fashion choices you'd be wise to make in September.

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