So is everyone else totally overwhelmed right now?

Pretty Little Liars' summer finale (its last summer finale ever!) just ended, and before it was even half over, we were already kind of losing our minds. Ships were setting sail, secrets were being revealed, hearts were being broken, and we kept having to take a break in order to catch our breath.

First of all, Spencer might be dead. But according to Mary, she's also the secret baby!

Spencer was shot by Jenna, who was then taken down by Mary. As Spencer lay possibly dying, Mary comforted her with a little lullaby.

"I'm your mother," she said, just casually.

Oh! And Toby and Yvonne might be dead as well, since we last saw them bleeding in a wrecked car.

Let's run down what else just happened:  

Oh Baby: There's a little liar on the way, but it's not exactly the happiest news. Ali's pregnant with Elliot/Archer's baby, as she revealed to Emily. Which leads us to…

Emison Sets Sail: After telling Emily about the pregnancy, Ali kissed her. Emily first resisted, but they were soon making out, and woke up cuddled together on the couch. Too bad Emily also has Paige and Sabrina to consider…

Pretty Little Liars, season 7a finale


Hanna Went Rogue: A full investigation was opened when Hanna was assumed to have been kidnapped by Noel. In reality, Hanna had kidnapped Noel, and went straight to stabbing him in the leg in order to get a DNA sample. Too bad the test came back negative, meaning Noel was not Mary's secret baby. Too bad she also left Noel alone, allowing him to escape with her camera.  

Haleb Is Back: After Hanna returned from being "missing," Caleb made a speech about how she doesn't wash her dishes or throw out milk in time or admit that they belong together forever. The speech felt forced, but it did the trick of getting the two of them back to pulling each other's clothes off.   

Ezria Is Over…Probably: Ezra's trip to Colombia seemed to be a bust, and he was about to head back home…until Aria learned via the news that Nicole was alive, and she and Ezra were reunited. So much for that wedding!

Pretty Little Liars, season 7a finale


Noel Is No More: The girls went to make an exchange—Noel's footage-filled USB drive for Hanna's camera—and found themselves in a trap set by Noel and Jenna. Noel ended up with his head chopped off by falling on an ax in a scuffle with Emily and Hanna, while Jenna wandered around in the dark with a gun that eventually hit Spencer.

The episode ended with AD discarding yet another mask next to Jenna in the back of his/her van, and then putting a small figure of Spencer into a tiny coffin.

So needless to say we are very upset and we're going to need a minute. Or a lot of minutes. We may not recover until the show returns in the spring!

Hit the comments with your theories in the mean time!

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