Noooo, Ashley! 

After last night's episode of Bachelor in Paradise, we almost had high hopes for Ashley Iaconetti and her recovery from being madly in love with Jared Haibon, but things are not over between these two yet. 

In this exclusive sneak peek of tonight's episode, Jared confronts Ashley for being the reason that Caila Quinn is leaving the beach, and it does not go well. 

First of all, Ashley is bad at lying and pretending she didn't know Caila was leaving. Second of all, Ashley did not technically tell Caila to leave, but she still feels the need to make up a few things in order to keep Jared on her side. It ain't pretty, but is it ever, when Ashley's crying over Jared? 

Press play now! 

If we had to guess, we'd say Jared's not going to stay much longer in Paradise either, and maybe that's for the best. Ashley couldn't stop talking about him all season, but he also couldn't stop talking about her. 

Maybe if Jared leaves, he and Caila can start a nice, Ashley-free life together, and Ashley will be free to talk to Wells about dogs. Wouldn't that be a happier life for everyone?!

We'll find out in tonight's episode, which airs at 8 p.m. on ABC. 

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