Say goodbye to ordinary buns (or any ordinary hairstyle for that matter)!

Want to add some glam to your basic hairstyle? Celebrity hairstylist Scotty Cunha knows five accessories that will do just that. "I think they're fun for everyday," said the pro. "But if you want to save them for special occasions that's okay, too! They'll add extra flare to any outfit."

1: Hair Comb

"They're great to add to any half up, half down style," commented Scotty. "You can put it on the side of your head or on the top to look like a headband." We love how blogger Chriselle Lim wore hers in the above Instagram!

Scotty's Favorite: Chloe + Isabel Smooth Crescent Hair Comb, $28

A photo posted by Hilary Duff (@hilaryduff) on

2: Bun Cuff

Make your messy top knot nighttime-ready (or just add some edge in the daytime) with a bun cuff like Hilary Duff. Without a doubt, it's the best way to give your go-to hairstyle personality while also hiding those imperfections you didn't have time to fix before you left the house.

Scotty's Favorite: Jen Atkin x Chloe + Isabel Bun Cuff, $45

3: Circlet

Another way to give your usual 'do a serious upgrade is with a circlet. "They're a really great investment and add sparkle to your hair and outfit," noted the hair guru. 

Scotty's Favorite: Jennifer Behr Orion Circlet, $575

A photo posted by Leona Lewis (@leonalewis) on

4: Hair Glimmer

Let your hair shine bright like Leona Lewis'! "[Hair glimmer] is a really fun way to add to braids and ponytails," said Scotty. "It'll separate your usual hairstyle from the crowd."

Scotty's Favorite: Scünci Hair Glimmer, $10

5: Hair Chalk

"Fun pastel hair is still in," stated the expert. (Just look at how cute Vanessa Hudgens' looks!) "Instead of putting it everywhere, just add it to one section of your hair and braid it into a braid crown. Another cool idea would be to wrap that piece of colored hair around the base of your ponytail." 

Scotty's Favorite: Scünci Hair Chalk, $10

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