Tom Hiddleston, Comic-Con 2016

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Tom Hiddleston may have only joined Instagram a few weeks ago, but he's already fallen victim to one of social media's biggest issues: hacking.

Yes, the 35-year-old actor is the latest celebrity to see his account hacked. It happened just after 9 a.m. EST on Friday when fans started noticing some off-brand posts going up, including some weird videos, a Snapchat code to an unknown user and more.

The hackers had control of his account for about two hours, promoting other Instagram users with captions like, "Follow me. I will you some thing important." They also shared a photo promising Hiddleston fans they'd eventually give his account back to him.

The actor finally regained control around 11 a.m.

Tom Hiddleston, Instagram


Meanwhile, Hiddleston has only been on Instagram for a couple weeks, having joined on August 9 and telling fans during a recent Q&A that he had been planning to do so "for a while."

Though he wasn't following anyone during the first couple days on the platform, he finally started adding his co-stars and friends...and yes, his girlfriend Taylor Swift, too, of course!

Robert Downey Jr. welcomed him to the 'Gram with a proper shout out on the social media platform, posting a photo of Hiddleston wearing that "I [heart] T.S." shirt from his Fourth of July vacation.

"Join me in welcoming the biggest T.Stark fan of them all to Instagram," RDJ cleverly captioned the pic.

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