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Argentinian actress Lorena Meritano, whose doctors diagnosed her with breast cancer in May 2015, took to Instagram to inspire us all and share her empowering story of having a double mastectomy. The star's emotional post included a photo of herself triumphantly displaying the scars left behind by her procedures. 

"Life puts you to the test plenty of times, sometimes you can easily pass them and sometimes you don't. Generally, these situations come to shake us, to teach us things, and to show us all of the changes that we should be doing all around. In March 2014, I got a regular physical and I was healthy. The following month, while during a self-breast exam, I found a bump. I acted quickly and after many exams, tests, biopsies, and pitching, I knew they had to operate quickly," the actress captioned the photo. She went on to explain the emotional rollercoaster that she's been on during her journey of fighting against this disease. 

Divino #fourseasons #desfile @fabianzittaofficial ??????????

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The star also said that once the scars of her produce heal, she plans on having her areolas tattooed on her breasts. 

Meritano made headlines this past January when she announced that her husband asked her for a divorce once he learned that she was having her left breast and ovaries removed. But she isn't looking back now, saying she is facing this entire situation with faith and humility. 

"I am not more than another human being, and like many, I've had to face difficulties, and I am proud of my strength to do so. I feel that I'm getting there," she added. 

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