Move over, Speedos and singlets. Olympic athletes are swiping right on a few sports at the 2016 Rio Games that are pretty outside the norm. 

New data fresh off the fingertips of sportsmen and women looking to find a romantic fling on Tinder has revealed the most right-swiped sports played by the gold medal hopefuls in Brazil.

Analyzing bios and professions listed on the dating app, Tinder users appear to have an attraction to athletes whose sporting events don't always make it to primetime coverage. 

For example, women who play table tennis are given the 'ol green heart more than any other athlete, followed by field hockey and rowing. China has taken the gold medal in both women's single and team table tennis events while the ladies of the Netherlands, Germany, Great Britain and New Zealand are still in the running for a spot on the field hockey podium. 

As for the men, tennis takes the top spot for the most popular athletes, which isn't a huge surprise given the flock of powerhouse hunks that have commanded the court this year. (We're looking at you, Rafael Nadal...)

But men's swimming doesn't even grace the list's top five, leaving Tinder-using athletes like Ryan Lochte and Federico Grabich seemingly in the dust. Weight lifters and gymnasts round out the top three most-coveted male athletes, with China ranking No. 1 for most medals won in weightlifting and Japan earning the gold for the gymnastics' team all-around. 

As the results have clearly shown us, the most Tinder-able athletes come from every corner of Olympic stardom. 

Here's the full list of most swiped-right sports in Rio: 


1. Tennis
2. Weightlifting
3. Gymnastics
4. Sport Shooting
5. Judo
6. Boxing


1. Table Tennis
2. Field Hockey
3. Rowing
4. Weightlifting
5. Rugby
6. Swimming

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