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As much as we wouldn't mind getting our hands on Dan Egan's playlist, Reid Scott filling us in on his favorite things may just win the day.

E! News caught up with the Veep star at the Democratic National Convention, which he was attending for the first time with fellow members of The Creative Coalition, and he graciously revealed who would get his POPular Vote—should all things pop culture be on the ballot come election day.

From naming Alyssa Milano as his first celebrity crush ("It was the late '80s, early '90s and Who's the Boss was a big hit!") to revealing his ideal celebrity squad ("I don't know that it would be my squad, but Leo DiCaprio's squad sounds pretty cool—and he's a fellow environmentalist, so I think we'd have a lot to talk about"), the charming actor and family man couldn't have been less like his relentlessly ambitious character on Veep.

Not least because this doting dad is too busy these days enjoying family time and passing on his love of The Beatles to his son, Conrad, whose favorite lullaby is "pretty much anything off The White Album at this point."

POPular Vote, Reid Scott

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But Scott did draw a few parallels between the critically acclaimed HBO show, which was nominated for another 17 Emmys this year, and the goings-on at the DNC.

"All the media coverage, we start to get into some of that [on the show]," he said. "We haven't had access to some of the, you know, the horse trading that goes on behind closed doors here at the convention. One thing is, is that we've met so many people here who work on the hill who've told us how authentic our show is, which is an amazing compliment."

But overall, Scott called his first convention experience "amazing."

"It's so much more than I could've imagined," he said. "Being in the room for all of these incredible speeches is just spine-tingling."

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