ESC: Must Do Monday, Lip Balm

Say goodbye to dirty lenses! 

When it comes to lip balm, its practical uses are literally endless. And thanks to eos, a celeb-loved balm brand (remember their major cameo in Miley Cyrus' "We Can't Stop" video?), here's one more reason to have one in your bag at all times: to clean your sunglasses.

If your sunnies didn't come with a cleaning cloth but they could use a safe, thorough wipe-down, lip balm can be used in its place. (Yes, really.)

The step-by-step couldn't be easier: Just rub the product on your lenses and wipe them clean using a dry cloth. Some experts claim it removes salty air and humidity better than Windex.

Pro tip: If you're experiencing any kind of resistance, dip a tip of the cloth in water, spread it around on the lens, then rub it all off. 

And there you have it...yet another reason to love lip balm.

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