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Who wants to party with Chris Hemsworth?

Well, now you can—for just $5!

Here's the deal: Chris has teamed up with to raffle off two tickets to the NYC premiere of his new drama In the Heart of the Sea. The prize includes a meet-and-greet and walking the red carpet with Chris and even hanging with him at the after party.

Proceeds benefit the Australian Childhood Foundation, an organization that works to save children from abuse, neglect and family violence.

"My dad worked in child protection for many years," the Thor star tells me. "When both my parents started working for the charity I was inspired by the work they were doing. My brothers and I were very fortunate to have a wonderful childhood but we were made aware that wasn't the case for all children. Knowing that, was what motivated me to want to help in any way I could."

Chris Hemsworth

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Chris said a key component to helping the children is letting them know that the "abuse wasn't their fault and there was nothing they could've done to prevent it.

"Unfortunately, abused children so often carry the shame and guilt with them that we try and teach them the importance of letting go," he said. "Building an environment where children feel safe and cared for allows them to trust in themselves and the world around them again."

The work has hit him a bit harder since becoming a dad himself. "Having children of my own certainly puts it in perspective and personalizes it all a lot more," Chris said.

As for what the winner should expect at the big premiere, Chris says, "Get plenty of rest. It'll be a long night!"

Check out the video below to hear what Jessica Chastain has to say about working with Chris Hemsworth.

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