Poor (rich) guys! The St. Louis Cardinals' 2015 rookies were forced to wear Speedos to the airport yesterday as part of some hilarious, end-of-season hazing.

The studs were spotted clad in their teeny-tiny swimwear, suitcases in hand and six-packs there for the staring. Some donned skull-pinching swim caps and neon goggles while others kept it chic in black and blue bottoms. 

Well, at least they had each other.

Cardinals pitcher Carlos Martinez Instagrammed the pic of the half-naked rookies before they boarded their charter flight.

We don't know about you, but we're kind of living for that one guy who used the opportunity to explore a fluorescent-green look.

Not to mention, his teammates calf-high socks and epic farmer tans are seriously on point for fall 2015, right? 

Nothing says sexy like a Speedo and cowboy boots. We see you there, blue buns! 

Don't feel bad, though, end-of-season hazing in Major League Baseball is a tradition, and it usually constitutes benign pranks such as this one. Some other teams who made their rookies play dress-up? The L.A. Dodgers and the Minnesota Twins, just to name a couple storied franchises.

If anyone knows where these guys end up hanging out, let us know. We need an invite to the no-pants party for sure. 

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Sexy or silly? Or a little bit of both? Tell us how you feel about the Cardinals rookies! 

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