When you're as photogenic as Cindy Crawford, you'd think it'd be impossible to take a bad photo, but lo and behold Seth Meyers has unveiled some of the supermodel's worst pictures (from her book, Becoming).

One of the first photos the Late Night With Seth Meyers host revealed Monday was one that Crawford had taken poolside. But it wasn't a luxurious pool on a tropical island; it was her boyfriend's parents' pool in their backyard! She also confessed that the local photographer—the man responsible for yearbook photos and prom pics—shot it.

Sprawled alongside the pool, Cindy looked gorgeous, but it's undeniable that the picture for the local paper seemed a little weird.

"With all due respect," Meyers said, "You look great, but this look super shady."

Little did DeKalb's local paper know that it would be starting the 49-year-old's career!

Meyers then showed the audience Crawford's very first test photo, which looked like the epitome of the 1980s. Posing with hot pink lips and overly teased hair, even Crawford realized the ridiculousness of the photo shoot.

"It's not enough to have a kimono and an umbrella," she joked. "We have to throw a cat in. We have to throw a bracelet in."

She added, "I can't believe that hairstylist got work again."

The Late Night host also resurfaced one of Crawford's most famous magazine shoots, the cover of George magazine, in which she was dressed up like a sexy George Washington. But Kaia Gerber's mom dished a little fun fact from that shoot—the photographer made her stuff her pants with a sock! Upon hitting the editing room, however, the bulge got airbrushed out.

"I was castrated!" Crawford joked.

"Because [the bulge] is what we all remember about George Washington," Meyers joked. "Wooden teeth? Couldn't tell a lie?"

Now that her daughter has entered the modeling world, Crawford explained that Kaia will take her advice when it comes to anything industry related, but for everything else like social media, it seems like the 14-year-old has the knowledge.

So what is Kaia's No. 1 piece of advice when it comes to Instagram? Watch the videos above to find out!

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