Booth (David Boreanaz) is missing and Brennan (Emily Deschanel) is in the hot seat when Bones returns for its eleventh (!) season on Thursday, and E! News has an exclusive sneak peek of the dramatic episode.

The two-part season premiere, which begins with "The Loyalty In the Lie" on Oct. 1, picks up six months after the events of the season 10 finale, with Booth, Brennan and their two adorable kiddos living a seemingly idyllic life away from all the murders they encountered before.

But soon a new case with personal ties to the couple pulls them back into their investigative life, and Booth mysteriously goes missing. Brennan is brought in for FBI questioning—by new guest star Kim Raver—to determine the circumstances surrounding his disappearance.

Bones, Emily Deschanel, Kim Raver

Ray Mickshaw/FOX

Booth left the house at 8:36 the previous morning (she's Brennan, so of course she remembers his exit to the minute!) and hasn't returned. But when Raver's FBI Agent Grace Miller asks questions of Booth's emotional state, Brennan becomes flustered.

"You are asking strictly emotional questions. It is well documented that emotions are not my area of expertise," she says. "My conclusion is that you were deliberately attempting to make me feel uncomfortable in order to extract something you think I am hiding. If that is the case, I no longer choose to participate in this discussion."

Find out how Agent Miller responds in the intense clip above.

The episode also guest stars Dilshad Vadsaria as a member of Booth's family, and Pej Vahdat returns as squintern Arastoo Vaziri.

Bones airs Thursday nights at 8 p.m. on Fox.

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