Oreos, Cinnamon Bun


The masterminds over at Oreo have done it again!

Just weeks after announcing that they'd be releasing a brownie batter version of the classic cookie, they've revealed that they're going to be unveiling yet another fabulous new flavor—cinnamon bun!

So what's really involved in the soon-to-be released, undeniably delicious treat? Well, a cinnamon-flavored cookie for one, followed by what we can only imagine is a mouth-watering frosting filling.

And while it's still not clear whether or not the Cinnamon Bun flavor will be a limited edition run, the images that have surfaced on social media so far show no signs of the cookie being a one-off in terms of production.

So there's hope we can enjoy the tasty dessert all year round, you guys!

Nabisco has recently released a plethora of other flavors, including: pumpkin spice, marshmallow crispy, peanut butter cup, limeade, cookie dough, watermelon, fruit punch, s'mores, cotton candy and even red velvet.

What a collection! Are you stoked to try the latest Oreo flavor? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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