Phones off, makeup on—at least, that appears to be the message behind Kendall Jenner's new Estée Lauder campaign video.

Appropriately titled "Party Zombies," the 30-second clip features the 19-year-old (wearing a Nour Hammour jacket) and her posse of gorgeous friends glued to their cell phones at a fashionable fête. It's only when the phones die and KJ whips out her trusty Double Wear Makeup To Go Liquid Compact that the party really comes to life.

Yeah it's a bit of a stretch for a makeups ad, but hey—we've all been in a cell phone trance, and that new foundation compact would probably perk us right up, too.

This latest Estée Lauder commercial comes on the heels of Kendall's debut full-length fragrance ad for the brand, showcasing the Modern Muse Le Rouge fragrance. And those are just two accolades in a slew of Kendall's Estée Lauder cameos including a series of makeup and perfume ads. And in her short reign as the brand's beauty ambassador and resident spokesmodel, she's already been bestowed the highest honor a beauty label can bestow: A namesake lipstick shade, of course.

What do you think of Kendall's latest ad? Sound off below!

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