John Cena has already made it clear he doesn't want kids.

So, in an exclusive clip from Sunday's season finale of Total Divas, it's no surprise he gets extremely anxious when Nikki Bella brings up babies at the dinner table. "Why don't we talk about how pregnant all my friends are?" she asks him.

"Because that makes me get the sweats," he responds. "It seems like I get a different sonogram photo every week. I don't know where all these kids are coming from."

"All my friends and family," Nikki replies.

He continues, "Your sister is next and she really wants to get preggo. I asked you, one of the last times we spoke, if it was affecting you."

Nikki stays quiet, but becomes visibly uncomfortable and starts playing with her hair.

Watch the clip to see how John tries to sweetly change the subject!

Don't miss the Total Divas season finale Sunday at 6pm, only on E!

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