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It's now been nearly nine months since Teresa Giudice began her federal prison sentence for fraud, and now we're getting another look at her life behind bars. 

In an upcoming three-part Bravo special about the mother of four's time at the Federal Correctional Institution in Danbury, Conn., the reality star admits, during a telephone conversation with Joe Giudice, that she misses having sex with her husband of 15 years, who will serve a 41-month sentence upon his wife's release. 

Viewers hear an incarcerated Teresa, 43, joking about phone sex with her husband, also 43, who replies that he's on the couch so it's couch sex. In his confessional, the Italian born reality star later admits that he doesn't spend a lot of time in his bed without Teresa, and instead, he prefers the couch. 

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Teresa also tells Joe that the girls in prison went nuts for the movie Magic Mike and she admits she was imagining her husband's head on all the actor's bodies, adding that she wants her husband to get some abs. 

There's also more sex talk as the father of four reveals to Teresa's cousin Rosie that the Real Housewives of New Jersey star hears lots of girls having sex with each other and she "closes her ears at night." Rosie then jokes that Joe will get a boyfriend when he reports for his nearly four year sentence. 

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Meanwhile, Teresa and Joe's eldest daughter Gia says her mother looks more relaxed than ever before. "She's still the same Teresa. But she looks so much better," the 13-year-old reveals, later noting that her younger siblings have been told their mother is working. 

The upcoming Bravo special is set to air on October 11. The second episode will deal with Joe's possible deportation (the reality star is a citizen of Italy, not the United States) and more. 

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