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Fall TV premiere week is coming to a close, but not without the debuts of a few more new series hoping to connect with audiences.

FOX's new procedural Rosewood, starring Morris Chestnut, took viewers down to sunny Miami on Wednesday night, while NBC's The Player bet big on Wesley Snipes and action in Sin City on Thursday. But were either worth the trip?

Thanks to our handy ranking gallery, you already know our thoughts on the new shows, but now its your turn to weigh in. That's right, we're asking you, the viewer, to become the critic.



Rosewood scored points with us for Chestnut's charm, but not much else. Coming in at No. 16 in our rankings, we felt the show was lacking in originality. You know what they say: You see one procedural, you've kind of seen them all. The premiere episode fared well in the ratings despite the middling reviews, with 7.4 million people tuning in. On the flip side, The Player fared better in our rankings (coming in at No. 9) thanks to the show's compelling action and hunky leading man Philip Winchester, but failed to connect with many eyeballs; the show debuted to a disappointing 4.9 million viewers.

Vote in our polls below on whether you loved or hated each show, and then be sure to keep coming back throughout the fall season to weigh in on ALL the newbies making their debuts!

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Rosewood: Love It or Hate It?
The Player: Love It or Hate It?
The Player?
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