Pizza Hut Breadstick Pizza

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut's breadsticks are an institution. Sure, Olive Garden breadsticks have a cult following but Pizza Hut's are just as delicious and just as addictive. In fact, we're currently in the middle of a program to help wean us off the carby goodness. 

But we decided to fall off the wagon for this! Pizza Hut recently introduced Twisted Crust Pizza, which is essentially a pizza with breadsticks baked right into the crust. You can pull them off and dip them in sauces or just eat them together with the pizza. It's really a win-win situation, no matter which way you eat them.

"We are not afraid to experiment with new and innovative flavor combinations for our food, but sometimes it's the most obvious innovations that amaze us the most – and Twisted Crust is an example of an innovation that has done just that," Jared Drinkwater, vice president of marketing, said in a statement. "We know America loves our pizza, but we have enormous, loyal group of Pizza Hut breadstick lovers out there, too. We believe our new Twisted Crust Pizza is the ultimate flavor combination of these two popular items that consumers will absolutely love."

The new menu item, which is available now, also comes with a variety of dipping sauces for the breadsticks: the brand new Buffalo Ranch and Cheddar Cheese sauce, plus the classic marinara.

And since we are somewhat connoisseur of ridiculous food mashups, we had to taste-test the new Pizza Hut offering…you know, for America. Here are the honest, greasy opinions from the E! Online staff about the new Twisted Crust Pizza, who are all kept anonymous to protect the guilty.

Pizza Hut Taste Test

"I went into this thinking the breadstick pizza would taste something like Dominos garlic crust, which I think is a bit much and takes away from my favorite part of pizza: the crust. However, its much less in-your-face, adding just the right amount of flavor and the perfect, buttery garlic conclusion to an already amazing dish." 

"I'm the type of person that thinks all pizza is good. This one was a solid chain restaurant pizza. While I like the idea of a convertible pizza, the breadstick aspect didn't knock my socks off."

"It's greasy, but on the plus side I can lick my fingers after eating it as a little post-meal snack."

"The garlicky breadstick peels away effortlessly from the pizza slice, ready to be dipped in either a ball park-like cheese dip or a sweet marinara sauce.   And yet there is still a second crust to hold on to eat your pizza.  It could seem redundant unless you love crust and breadsticks."

Pizza Hut Breadstick Pizza

Pizza Hut

"It's been nearly an hour, and I can still taste the garlic in my mouth--that's how you know you got your money's worth. I truly don't understand the difference between a pizza crust and a breadstick, other than a few additional seasonings maybe? A crust is a breadstick that's missing its pizza, right? It's like a donut hole, but greasier. My only curiosity is if this will change the game for those f--king monsters who insist on discarding their crusts instead of consuming them. Otherwise, this seems like a normal crust with some decorative folding or some fancy s--t going on. Verdict: I ate all of it, obvs."

"I want to put it in my face hole every single day."

"Delightfully chewy and an added burst of flavor in the homestretch of my pizza journey. But if anyone thinks this is going to stop me from ordering an additional side of breadsticks, they can think again."

"Exponentially better atheistically and taste-wise compared to that weird hot dog pizza. It doesn't look like I am munching on a bunch of toddler fingers."

Pizza Hut Breadstick Pizza

Pizza Hut

"I love salty cheesy anything, and this Pizza Hut breadstick pizza is a salty, cheesy dream. Thank goodness we were portion controlled to one slice, because I would have eaten way too many and would definitely be sick from its greasy goodness. The tear-apart breadstick is just beautiful, seasoned perfectly with spices and Parmesan, and are a junk food dream dipped in marinara. Will I be ordering this weekly? No. But, when I'm feeling bad, I will be rewarding myself with these guys, because they're so dang good." 

"The garlic flavor on the crust was delicious but the crust was still a little bit dry on its own. More butter could have helped, but then again, more butter always helps!"

"Like regular Pizza Hut pizza, but more difficult to eat. (The breadstick crust kept separating from the slice as I was holding it.) The breadstick was pretty good, though. I think this is just a more economical way to order, since now you don't have to get your breadsticks separately. But make sure you have napkins."

"Basically Pizza Hut has combine two courses into one slice—and I aint even mad at it.  You get the appetizer—a breadstick with cheesy delicious dipping sauce—and the main course, actual pizza. I'd drunk-eat this any night."


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