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Perhaps this could be added to your fall reading list?

Mega mogul and presidential candidate Donald Trump has been working on a new book that's going to hit shelves this October, and the topic matter is exactly what you would expect—how to make America great again.

Louise Burke, president and publisher of Threshold Editions, made the announcement today, and explained that the currently untitled book, which is scheduled for publication on Oct. 27, will outline how a crippled America could be restored to greatness, according to Trump.

The book will explore his view on key issues including the economy, big CEO salaries and taxes, healthcare, education, national security, and social issues. One unsurprisingly big topic discussed will be his vision for complete immigration reform, beginning with securing the borders and putting American workers first.

"I am excited to announce that work on my new bestseller is almost done and I'll have a new book out from Threshold Editions and Simon & Schuster later this year," he said in a statement. "Not since The Art of the Deal have I had this much fun writing a book."

"Donald Trump has proven again and again how hungry audiences are for new ideas and unabashed opinions. This will be the must-read book of the year," said Burke.

The Donald has quite a number of books under his sleeve already. The Republican candidate has authored over 15 bestsellers and his first book, The Art of the Deal, is said to be considered a business classic and one of the most successful business books of all time.

Meanwhile, Trump is unapologetic while on The Late Show. Watch and see!

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