Put down that pixie dust—Screen Junkies gave Peter Pan the Honest Trailer treatment, and....it's dark.

The clip begins with innocent enough looking clips from Disney's 1953 animated classic, but an honest (perhaps a little too honest) narrator warns this Peter Pan retrospective "will make you say, 'This is way creepier than I remembered.'"

Peter, aka "an immortal trickster who spies on you through your bedroom window, sprinkles you with dust and makes you feel like you're flying, then kidnaps you to a war-torn island where full-grown adults force orphans to join their ranks or die," is no joke.

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Neither are the Lost Boys, otherwise known s "the all-male group of motherless furries who live under a tree that is clearly still used for hanging people."

And watch out for Captain Hook, "a man who has given up pirating to focus all his energy on murdering a tween."

But, the narrator insists, "It's not not all darkness , violence and Oedipus complexes—there's plenty of sexism to go around, too!"

The Peter Pan Honest Trailer then highlights some of the racist and offensive stereotypes in this particular movie as well as other Disney films of the past (they're bad—like, embarrassingly bad).

Long story short, this version of Peter Pan will make you glad you had to grow up (and that's saying something). It has it's moments, though. Watch Peter Pan's Honest Trailer for yourself in the clip above.

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