Pope Francis, Selfie


Welcome to America, Pope Francis—can we please take a selfie?

Sure, because as long as there are no selfie sticks in sight, his holiness will be happy to selfie it up with you! That's exactly what he did, too, with several lucky well-wishers Wednesday morning in Washington, D.C.

Before making his way into the White House, the pope of the people happily stopped and chatted amongst the crowds, posing patiently as kids snapped away on their iPhones.

Enija Davidonyte, a 16-year-old student at a D.C.-area Lithuanian school, was one of the lucky ones who scored a selfie with Pope Francis. "It was a pretty nice experience seeing him and actually shaking his hand and taking a picture with him," she told NBC News.

The pope blessed Enija and her classmates, she said, calling the "very memorable day" a "once-in-a-lifetime experience."

Not everyone was able to get as up close and personal with his holiness, but even a faraway #PopeSelfie is scrapbook-worthy!

One Twitter user posted footage of, as she described it "the pope KISSING A BABY" after a security agent carefully carried the infant up to his holiness.

If you didn't get your own #PopeSelfie (yet), not to worry: There's an app for that! Yes, really, truly, there is a free Pope Selfie app available on iTunes.

Just make sure to tweet it to @Pontifex afterwards and use the correct Pope emoji, too!

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