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We're constantly inundated with beauty products. In fact, the number of tools dedicated to brows alone has us confused. What exactly does what? To help us break it all down, we turned to celeb brow artist Kelley Baker. Zendaya's arch? Shay Mitchell's shape? The beauty of their brows comes courtesy of the Los Angeles-based expert, and now she's helping us get the most out of our products.

Brow Pencil: "Pencils are great for the troubled, over-tweezed brows that have holes or sparse areas," said Kelley. "Pencils are also very easy to use and perfect for beginners who want to keep application quick and simple. I like pencils with a super-fine point and spoolie brush at the end. The super-fine point allows me to fill in the exact areas I want and flip to the spoolie side to brush out the excess product for a natural-looking brow."

ESC, Brow Tools

Brow Gel: "Gel is used to set the look and hold brows in place just like you would use hairspray to set and hold your hairstyle," said the pro, who uses her own Kelley Baker Clear Brow Gel. "It's a clear, universal shade and ‘fixes' flyaway brows without feeling tacky or hard."

Brow Powder: "This is best for making your brow look fuller and add more definition," noted Kelley. "For a delicate and natural eyebrow, I use dry powder; for a striking, darker result, the powder may be applied wet. The key to a fierce brow is to look as if minimal product was used."

Brow Wax: "Wax is a good primer to use underneath a product to make it last longer," said the expert. "I like brow wax in a pencil form for easy application."

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz, $21; Eyeko London Brow Gel, $25; BareMinerals Brow Powder, $11; Paula's Choice Brow Defining Cream Duo, $20

ESC, Brow Tools

Spoolie Brush: "A spoolie is a must-have tool in your brow arsenal. We all can sometimes have a heavy hand, and a spoolie brush easily softens the product if too much is applied. It also brushes brows in place, which is the first step in filling in your brows."

Angled Brush: "An angled brush is essential for perfect product placement. The angle allows you to easily follow and define the line of the arch."

Flat Brush Highlighter Smudge Brush: "Apply a highlighter stick under the arch of the brow and blend in a windshield wiping motion with my smudge brush to instantly add lift and life to the entire eye area and most importantly define the brows," advised Kelley. "Whether starting with a full face of makeup or just wearing it to the gym, this tool is a quick-fix waker-upper for everyone."

Tweezers: "This tool can be your best friend or worst enemy," noted Kelley. "Use your tweezers to eliminate the strays between your brows and above your eyes but never over tweeze! When my clients ask if they can tweeze in between appointments, I let them know not to tweeze the top or anywhere in the line. To help make tweezing a bit easier and less painful, pull hair out in the natural growth direction."

Sonia Kashuk Core Tools Spoolie, $1.99; Make Up For Ever 270 Angled Eyebrow Brush, $21; Tweezerman Slant Tweezer, $23; Kelley Baker Brows Highlighter Smudge Brush; $20

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