Pope Francis, Barack Obama

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Pope Francis landed in the United States for the first time ever on Tuesday, where he was greeted by President Obama and then was whisked off in a special Fiat to start his six-day visit. His big entrance was surrounded by school children, the First Family, and of course, reporters and photographers who were scrambling to get a good shot of the Pope. Hopefully they all got something worthwhile, because the price to get a spot near the Pope in order to report on his visit is actually insane

Care to guess the price outlets have to pay to get a good spot and all the upgrades during his stop in Philadelphia? Go on, guess! We'll wait. Think of a price and let's see how close you get...

Do you have your number? OK, so the price for a 12 foot by 12 foot "anchor" booth (read: the best spot) is $25,000. 

$25,000! That's how much it'll cost you to get really good footage of the Pope, according to Politico. Of course, that's the best, most expensive package. You could pay less, but then you might be stuck in a crappy spot without a clear view of Pope Francis. Here is the breakdown of pricing for media coverage: 

$25,000: 12 foot by 12 foot anchor booth, 20 amps power, a four by eight foot stand up position, 16 foot by 16 foot private office and a parking space for the satellite truck

$7,500: Stand up platform position

$4,500: Shared stand up position

$1,500: Seated platform position

$1,000: Workstation in the filing center, which means you aren't even near the pope; just reporting on his visit. This comes with a desk space, chair, power outlet, Internet and phone line.

One photographer told Politico that while it's pretty standard for media to pay for risers and the like during big events, these prices were a bit startling.

"It is not uncommon for media to share the cost of infrastructure and to purchase riser space. This is common at the conventions. However, this cost seems a bit high," they said.

Well, if you don't feel like paying $25,000 or you'd rather just follow the coverage on Twitter, the Internet is having a field day with Pope Francis' big Party in the U.S.A.:

Enjoy your stay, Your Holiness! And, don't go to Costco while you're here, OK?

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