WAGS 106

Tonight's WAGS episode was filled with a mixture of celebrations and tense conversations.

The episode starts off with Autumn and Ashley telling Sasha about their trip to Mexico for Natalie's birthday. The trip was organized by Natalie's boyfriend, Shaun Phillips.

"Did I miss some drama?" Sasha asks the ladies.

"I got mad," Autumn explains. "Because you know that I'm religious and you know some people when they call themselves God I think that that's offensive."

"Who called themselves God?" Sasha asks.

"Ain't nobody but stinky ass Shaun," Autumn says. "Always thirsty for the like."

The ladies also talked about the drama they have with the Olivia and Natalie.

Autumn and Ashley tell Sasha that they didn't bond with the other girls on the trip. "I just feel like we're so different from them, you know?" Sasha explains. "They can't relate to us, they can't relate to kids. Or you know what? Maybe it's just them, because I have friends that are single and that are just like completely different than me and I can relate to them. But I don't know, there's something about them, I can't figure it out."

WAGS 106

Elsewhere, Nicole is back on her modeling game. She starts off the show on a photo shoot for Ideel, an online boutique. Though she's excited to work, the shoot is during a time when her boyfriend, Larry English, is at home in Los Angeles.

English plays for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, so he's often in Tampa and away from Nicole.

"It's an honor to work for Ideel," Nicole says. "But this was me and Larry's one week where we both had off, so it's kind of bittersweet. I mean I want to work, but I'm also gonna miss time with him at home."

WAGS 106

Natalie and Shaun's relationship has been up and down recently, but on tonight's episode they try to spend more quality time together. Unfortunately for Shaun, Olivia crashes the couple's date.

When Shaun goes to the nail salon with Natalie, he thinks they're going to spend some time together, just the two of them. But then Olivia walks in and Shaun isn't happy at all.

He turns to Natalie and says, "I thought this was our date time."

Natalie tries to smooth things over, but the whole situation is awkward and you can tell Shaun is annoyed.

WAGS 106

Later on in the episode the ladies get together and meet up with some out of town WAGS like Terrica Cromartie, Naomi Ward and Adrianne Knight.

There's already tension between Natalie and Olivia and the other ladies, but that doesn't stop Natalie from asking the ladies of the group a very personal question.

"Is your vagina a hot mess?" Natalie asks the group of mothers. Awkward!

"I know people who do not have kids who have a stank, crusty a** vagina," Autumn tells her. "So it don't even matter." Well then!

"Like really, these girls, I just can't," Autumn says in her video commentary.

Let's just say, this meeting didn't bring these ladies closer together.

WAGS 106

Meanwhile, Barbie receives an unexpected package at her house.

Barbie's at home when a bag of her fiancé Sheldon Souray's hockey gear.

"Sheldon had an injury two years ago," Barbie explains in her video commentary. "He had another year left on his contract, he did everything that the Anaheim Ducks have asked of him. But he hasn't been able to come back from it. This might be the end of Shel's career."

Barbie goes on to say, "When Sheldon retires, I might not be a WAG anymore. I won't be able to be around my girlfriends all the time and doing team events and doing stuff like that. It's going to be totally different and change can always be a little scary."

WAGS 106

Elsewhere, Sasha and her husband Antonio Gates have a party to reveal the sex of their baby!

The two already have a daughter, and now the parents are hoping their second baby is a boy.

"I know he wants a boy to continue his legacy," Sasha says.

At the party the two pop a balloon to find out if they're having a boy or a girl.

When the balloon pops, blue balloons are released, meaning that they're having a BOY!

While one couple is happy and settled, another is trying to decide their future.

Shaun and Natalie go house hunting together on this episode. While Shaun is looking to settle down and start a family, Natalie is still unsure of what she wants to do.

When Natalie makes a comment about having a room for Olivia in the house, the couple gets into an argument.

"Olivia? I mean like I love her to death but like she can't have a room," Shaun tells Natalie. "She has her own life, she's an adult, she can do her own thing. I'm not getting a house for us and Olivia."

Later on in the episode, the couple talks about their future while having dinner. Natalie tells Shaun that she wants to work on her career.

"I'm not trying to not support you," Shaun tells Natalie. "But my job pays the bills, you know what I mean? So you're there to support me, you take care of everything while I'm not home. It's part of your responsibility as a girlfriend."

Shaun then gives Natalie an ultimatum. "You're gonna have to make a choice," he tells her. "You're gonna have to choose to support me and we start a family, or stay here and maybe choose your career over having a family and having me. At some point you're gonna have to pick."

The conversation ends with Natalie saying, "Well I guess we've got some thinking to do then."

WAGS 106

From one awkward conversation to the next.

Nicole has a meeting with her agent after she turns down a modeling job in New York. She booked a huge job, but turned it down to spend time with Larry. So naturally, her agent isn't pleased with her and they sit down to talk.

"Your schedule has made us pass up a couple of clients," Nicole's agent tells her.

She tries to smooth things over, but she knows that she's in a tough place.

The episode ends with Natalie and Olivia going to get a "fanny facial."

During their butt facials, the girls actually have an argument. Natalie brings up the idea of moving to wherever Shaun is playing next season and Olivia isn't feeling that idea.

"For you to go now would honestly probably ruin us," Olivia tells Natalie. "Seriously it would screw everything up."

It's decision time for Natalie!

Watch an all-new episode of WAGS next Tuesday at 10PM, only on E!

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