Nicole Arbour is at it again.

Arbour defended her controversial "Dear Fat People" video throughout the backlash, but now she might have to defend her newest video titled, "Why Abortion Is WRONG!" Even though the title might have viewers believe it is a 5-minute clip that talks about pro-life opinions, it turns out Arbour actually speaks about why the world should allow abortions.

"Abortions are wrong, said no smart person ever," she begins the video.

Based on the criticism she faced following her fat-shaming video a few weeks ago, it seems Arbour is more than aware of what she'll face with this latest installment, as she directly addresses her critics in the video.

"'Hey Nicole, abortions are murder,'" she says, imitating commenters. "Gotta stop you on that one. That means that ever single ejaculation would have to be used for procreation, and considering you guys jack each other off all the time on your stupid f--king ideas, that's not going to happen."

Nicole Arbour, Abortion


She continues, "Sperm can swim. They're alive."

Arbour has explained in the past that her videos are "just satire" and "are made to offend people," so this video will probably fit the bill. She goes onto explain how "sometimes sex is just for fun" and not only meant for procreation. But the YouTube star really picks up steam when she talks about what types of people should have been aborted.

"I have a theory that some kids were supposed to be aborted," she says, "and the ones who weren't turned into murderers and crazy people."

She also claims certain people shouldn't have children at all. "Let's bring some children into the world that people don't want to raise, aren't financially stable enough to raise and have no interest in raising," she says. "That's going to work out well."

Toward the end of her diatribe, she names specific people who should have been "aborted," including Adolf Hitler and "the guy who killed the lion."

She adds, "Five year olds on ADD drugs? Really? Those parents should've been aborted."

Watch the video above to find out her suggestions for "needing fewer abortions."

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