Amy Schumer and Amy Poehler for Golden Globes and Oscars hosts!

As soon as the two Amys took the stage to present the first award during Sunday's Emmys, Twitter started a massive campaign to get these two to team up and become a dynamic duo in the awards show circuit. But when E! News caught up with the Trainwreck star after she won her award, she wasn't that jazzed about the idea.

"What about Tina [Fey]?!" she asked, referring to Poehler and Fey's amazing work at hosting the Golden Globes for the past couple of years. "Everybody sells out right quick."

Seriously, though, would the Inside Amy Schumer star be willing to take on the big job of hosting the 2016 Oscars? She might be! It just needs to be under the right set of circumstances, which include allowing her to do the job "in sweatpants from my living room."

If that's the case, she told us, "You got your girl right here."

Amy Schumer, Emmy Awards 2015, Show

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Ugh, we doubt the Academy would allow that, but we can dream. Meanwhile, we'll just have to reflect on how awesome Schumer was throughout Sunday's festivities. Whether she was making an awesome quip about the state of the Internet ("Tonight is about celebrating women in TV and letting the Internet weigh in on who looks the worst.") or she was calling out her makeup artist (Andréa Tiller) for the bomb smoky eye she gave her, Schumer stole the show.

Tiller even got a front-row seat to the awards as part of a last-minute skit idea, which the makeup artist-to-the-stars dished to E! News exclusively was very surprising.

"I thought when [Amy] mentioned the idea it was all a joke, I didn't know it was actually going to happen because it was so last minute and we (the glam team) didn't have credentials for the Emmys," she explained. "I found out we were actually doing it right after getting Amy dolled up for the Emmys, what you saw is the real deal in our work attire, etc. It was so spontaneous!"

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