Iconic Roles That Never Won Emmys

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We live in a world where Amy Poehler has never won an Emmy for playing Leslie Knope. Let that shock sink in. (We're not going to even mention the fact that Nick Offerman has never been nominated for playing Ron Swanson. Oops, we just mentioned it.)

The 2015 Emmys were the last time she was eligible to win for her Parks and Recreation role (barring any upcoming reunion or revival, and we all know TV loves a revival/reboot these days) and she lost—in style, mind you—to Emmy favorite Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who took home her fourth Emmy in a row for Veep. But! Poehler is not alone; many stars have been snubbed by the Television Academy for their iconic roles. So many, it's pretty shocking.

Hey, there was some justice at the 2015 ceremony. Jon Hamm finally got that award for playing Mad Men's Don Draper.

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Steve Carell—Your favorite never took home an award for playing Michael Scott in The Office. Never. And we've all seen The Office, especially the early seasons, so you know how absurd this is.

Elisabeth Moss—Don Draper broke the curse, but he didn't take Peggy Olson with him! Despite six nominations for her work on Mad Men, Moss never took home a statue.

Hugh Laurie—The cantankerous doctor at the center of House was beloved by millions, just not the TV Academy, apparently.

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Courteney Cox—This famous Friend wasn't nominated for playing Monica Geller. Not. Once. COME ON!

Michael C. Hall—Yes, your favorite serial killer never took home a statue for his work on Dexter. He got a Golden Globe, but never took home that coveted Emmy.

David DuchovnyThe X-Files star never took home a trophy for playing Fox Mulder on the beloved Fox series. Gillian Anderson got her trophy, but one never came for Duchovny. Hey, there's always next year—yes, don't you dare forget The X-Files is coming back for six episodes on Fox in January 2016.

Tracy Morgan and Jane KrakowskiTina Fey and Alec Baldwin were the only series regulars to take home Emmys for their 30 Rock roles. Yes, Morgan and Krakowski were left empty-handed, but it's OK; Morgan's Tracy Jordan got an Oscar on 30 Rock and Krakowski's Jenna Maroney stole a Tony.

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Phylicia Rashad—America loves The Cosby Show's Clair Huxtable…but there was never enough love in the TV Academy to get her a statue for playing the beloved matriarch.

Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Alexander—Only one half of the Seinfeld foursome took home acting trophies during the show's lengthy run: Louis-Dreyfus and Michael Richards. Seinfeld technically took home one when the show one Best Comedy, but he was never honored in the acting category.

Cybill Shepherd—Romantic private investigating and a comedy about being a 40something in Los Angeles didn't get Shepherd awards. Yes, she went home empty-handed each year she was nominated for Moonlighting and Cybill. She won Golden Globes for both, so thanks Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

Angela Lansbury—She may have a dozen of nominations, but Lansbury never took home a statue for Murder, She Wrote. Perhaps Jessica Fletcher can investigate this mystery. Hey,  there could always be a Murder, She Wrote reboot (again)?

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Christopher Meloni—The TV Academy had no love for Detective Elliot Stabler from Law & Order: SVU.

Christine Baranski—She took one home for her work on Cybill, but Baranski has been up to bat a total of six times for her work as Diane Lockhart on The Good Wife and has not taken home a trophy for that role…yet.

Connie Britton—Y'all know it's a travesty Mrs. Coach never took home an award for Friday Night Lights. Hopefully she's celebrating with Amy Schumer with a giant glass of wine.

Jackie GleasonThe Honeymooners favorite never took home a trophy for his iconic role.

Andy GriffithThe Andy Griffith Show star was never nominated for his beloved role, so he could never win! On the other hand, Don Knotts took home several.

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