ESC, COVERGIRL Emmys Looks Recreated

KEVIN MAZUR, Kailey Strachan for E!

In honor of one of the biggest award shows on TV, E! Style Collective presents wearable beauty looks inspired by our favorite award-nominated characters. With the help of celeb makeup artist Alexis Ellen, now anyone can look like a star…or even a firework.

Remember Katy Perry's award-nominated half-time performance? The fun costume changes, the special guest appearances (hello, Left Shark!) and, most importantly, the stunning makeup! Because eye glitter is not always appropriate for everyday wear, we created a toned-down version that you can wear to the office, a party and beyond.

Step 1: Start with a long-wear foundation with a mattifying texture.

Step 2: Using a concealer stick, apply small dabs on the lids and inner corners of the eyes. "This will make your eyes look brighter, and the concealer will help pick up the eye shadow and act as a primer," noted the pro.

Step 3: Apply a shimmery, light shadow to the lids and a bit to the brow bone. To prevent shadow fallout, gently pat on shadow to the lid with either your finger or a brush, avoiding any swiping motion.

Step 4: Using a grey-toned shadow, create a sideways V-shape on the outer corners of the eye, extending out from the lash and crease lines. "Don't apply too much shadow to the actual lid," said Alexis. Blend it out to the outer corners of your eyebrows.

Step 5: Use liquid black eyeliner, like COVERGIRL Intensify Me! Liquid Liner, to create a precise cat-eye. 

Step 6: Apply mascara then falsies. Pro tip: "Always do less before adding your falsies," recommended Alexis. "Lashes add so much drama that you're better off applying less makeup and then correcting it later." You don't want to go overboard, after all.

Step 7: Use the same shimmery shadow in the inner corners of the eyes.

Step 8: Set the entire face with a mineral pressed powder.

Step 9: Dab mauve lipstick or blush on the apples of the cheeks and use a brush to buff it out.

Step 10: For a precise red lip, use concealer to define the lip shape before applying any lip color, recommended Alexis. Correcting any overdrawn lips with concealer afterward can easily smudge the bold color.

Step 11: Apply lip liner with small strokes. "Don't forget the outer corners of the lips so when you speak, you don't have any gaps in your lip line," the pro advised. "I like to fill up the entire lip with the liner first to create a base."

Step 12: Using a lip brush, apply lipstick for precise application. "It's also easier to get any corners or lines that you've missed with the liner," she noted.


ESC, COVERGIRL Emmys Looks Recreated

HBO, Kailey Strachan for E!

In Queen Latifah's award-nominated role, the actor plays a blues singer during the Great Depression. For this look, it's less about bold makeup and more about supple, glowing skin—a statement on its own.

Step 1: Hydrate skin with moisturizer.

Step 2: Apply foundation and lightly buff into the skin with a sponge in circular motions.

Pro tip: Apply an orange-colored corrector to conceal any dark pigmentation. "If you don't have an orange concealer, a matte orange lipstick will work too," said Alexis.

Step 3: Lightly tap concealer one to two shades lighter than your natural skin tone from the eye area down to the tip of the nose, creating an upside-down triangle, under each eye and in the middle of the eyebrows, and blend it down to the nose to brighten up the face.

Step 4: Lightly powder the corners of the nose, under the eyes and a little bit on the forehead. Optional: "If you need to, add concealer to the eyelids to even out any discoloration," she said. "Brush a light amount of powder on the eyes to set it and to avoid any creases."

Step 5: To create a subtle pop of color, use your fingers or a brush to apply a cheek stain or even lipstick to the cheeks. "It's really about the placement. Just stay directly on the apple of the cheek and pat," advised Alexis. "Then use a sponge or fluffy, dry brush and buff it out lightly so it looks really well-blended."

Step 6: Opt for a subtle coffee-colored lip shade, something that's looks healthy without being too metallic.

Step 7: Using brow powder, start filling in the brows where the hair is the sparsest and brush the hairs to blend out the product.

Step 8: "Pat, don't swipe," on a dark brown eye shadow and smudge it into the lash line.

Step 9: Apply at least two coats of mascara from root to tips of the lashes.


ESC, COVERGIRL Emmys Looks Recreated

ABC, Kailey Strachan for E!

Sofia Vergara's TV persona has perfected the makeup formula: A bold lip plus smudgy cat-eye equals a look both suburban housewives and Hollywood starlets would want. The trick, however, is good blending.

Step 1: Apply foundation to even out the skin, followed by concealer to camouflage any blemishes.

Step 2: Using a pencil, overdraw a line a little bit beyond your lips.

Step 3: Opt for a darker lip shade with some brown or berry hues. "If you want it to last, I recommend taking a tissue or blotting tissue and pressing your lips against it to remove the excess moisture and then add a light dust of translucent powder to make it last even longer," said Alexis.

Step 4: "Apply a liner first then smudge it afterward so it blends very well," she suggested.

Step 5: Pat matte brown shadow closest to the eye line as possible and then blend.

Step 6: Apply a shadow or brow powder to the lower lash line and use a finger, cotton swab or small brush and lightly blend it out. 

Step 7: Dab concealer underneath the eyes down to the nose, creating an upside-down triangle under each eye and lightly buff out.

Step 8: Set makeup with mineral pressed powder.

Step 9: Add blush to emphasize the cheekbones.

Step 10: For a more dramatic look, add fake lashes. "Place the falsies on your lash before you commit to it with glue just to see if there's any excess lash that you need to cut."

Step 11: To create a strong brow, fill in the arch first and extend it out to the outer corners of the brows.


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