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We all have those friends on social media: the ones who post perfect photo after perfect photo of their perfect child in their perfect home with their perfect dog…Well, Anna Faris and Chris Pratt are not those people, and we're so happy they're not!

The famous couple prefers to give the world a real look into their lives as first-time parents to their 3-year-old son, Jack, sharing hilarious posts of all the little mischief he gets himself into around the house.

From coloring on walls to peeing his pants, the tow-headed toddler gives his parents quite a bit of trouble. Just yesterday he turned into a modern-day Picasso, using the wall of their home as his drawing board! But, looking as cute as he does, it's obvious why Faris and Pratt have a hard time getting mad at him.

Here are 8 moments that show him getting adorably mischievous:

1. He's your everyday painter: "Love saving $ on things like house painters," Faris captions this pantsless pic of her little one. "Jack has it taken care of-should I be worried about US child labor laws?"

2. He's really grasping the whole potty training thing: "Potty training is going so great! I'm a natural," Faris captioned the, er, messy pic.

3. He's such a clean eater: "Shoot-I was hoping it wasn't true," Faris writes sarcastically. "But turns out Jack hates ice cream."

4. He's always doing his best to be helpful: When Faris asked him to pick up the popcorn he threw all over the floor he responded, "I don't think so mommy!"


5. He has great organizational skills: "I was going to hire someone to help me organize but turns out my baby and dog are great at it!" Faris jokes.

6. He's an artist: "You know how when your child goes into your bathroom and gets quiet? And things seem okay? Then your eyeliner is gone," the actress captions this piece of artwork.

7. He's a visionary: "You know how when you're talking to a friend, catching up, and your child is playing quietly in the other room? Huh." LOL!

8. He also has great table manners: "So awesome my child can feed himself-now I can go back to bed," Faris captioned this hilarious photo in 2013.

Yup, he's definitely a little stinker, and we can't help but absolutely adore him!

Jack is the first child for Pratt and Faris, who welcomed him into the world on Aug. 25, 2012.

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