You heard it here first: Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade should be the next big rom-com stars.

Luckily they're already halfway there (yeah Gab!), but it looks Dwayne has a second career lined up in case the whole basketball thing doesn't work out. 

We give you: Their wedding video. And it's not just a wedding video, it's a wedding video that they edited as a trailer for a fake romantic comedy. It's perhaps the most meta wedding move of all time, but we are so on board. The couple released it as a teaser to their first anniversary in semi-joking fashion, but the fake trailer is so good that we found ourselves wishing there was a feature-length version for our viewing pleasure. Seriously, this thing has what it takes to be the next How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. Except, you know, with a wedding instead of an elaborate magazine prank. Even better.

Don't believe us? Here's why a full-length version of this trailer would be our favorite new rom-com:

1. It's a (fake) Christmas release. Everyone knows that the Christmas season is the best time to watch a many feels! So many Peppermint lattes!

2. They're a blended family, and that means they're a realistic family. Romantic comedies can sometimes (read: always) delve into the world of the fantasy—in real life, relationships are messy. People have exes. Sometimes they even have (gasp!) kids. The idea of a 42-year-old woman marrying a 33-year-old father is way more interesting than two 30-year-olds with no baggage falling in love.

3. Two words: Kevin Hart. He's such a perfect rom-com best man that he actually starred in an entire movie about it. The Wedding Ringer wasn't exactly his best work, so he deserves a do-over. Especially one in which he gets to give a toast that uses the line, "You guys had a perfect f--king day. I apologize for cussing, people, but I've been drinking." Now just give him a dance number and we're set.

4. That venue! No one watches romantic comedies to see a run-of-the-mill community center wedding; they want opulence so grand that they feel horrible about their own lives. Just see any Nancy Meyers movie for proof. These two casually tied the knot at a giant castle with a straight-up moat. That blows Meryl Streep's sad little It's Complicated mansion out of the water.

5. Big personalities = big drama. Every rom-com needs a conflict, whether that be a pre-wedding fight, a dress-related emergency, or an overbearing mother-in-law. We're just guessing here, but when you put a whole bunch of famous people in a room together, there's going to be something worth watching.

6. The dance moves. If a wedding flick doesn't have a dance sequence, we're walking out of the theater. These two can get down, and their guests are no exception. Movie made.

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