Count us in for the next Hough family Thanksgiving! 

Not only are we very interested in chowing down on turkey with two of our favorite Dancing with the Stars stars, but we also want to be in on whatever genius idea they come up with next. 

In our exclusive video above, Julianne Houghpaints a pretty picture of Thanksgiving 2013, when the idea for #DanceBattle America was first hatched. 

"It all came from a little idea and a little war, a little battle we had over Thanksgiving 2013 with Maria Menounos, and my brother Derek and my family, and celebrities like Kristi Yamaguchi and Mark Ballas and Amber Riley, and Alfonso Ribeiro, they all joined in," Hough tells E! News. "So it's kind of a dream come true that our little baby is growing up and becoming a show." 

Unlike Dancing with the Stars, #DanceBattle America gives the celebs a bit of a break and allows America the chance to hit the dance floor. 

Click play on the video above to hear how it works, and to find out who Julianne thinks won that Thanksgiving dance war...

Julianne Hough

Angela Weiss/Getty Images

We have to say, even though we cannot dance one bit, we're still pretty jealous of "America." 

"They get to come to LA, they get to work with a choreographer, and they get to put hair and makeup and wardrobe on, and they're just average people around the country," Hough tell us of the show's contestants. "It's anybody's show. It's your show. I get asked all the time, 'when are they going to make a Dancing with the Stars for us?' And I think this is the closest thing to it, that we could bring them out here and have this experience."

"It's almost like Family Feud meets Dancing with the Stars meets America's Best Dance Crew meets a joyful, let's-have-fun vacation," says Hough, describing what might be the ultimate wholesome family reality show. 

As with everything else is in 2015, social media also played a major role in creating and casting the competition. Watch the video above to hear Julianne explain how it works. 

To prepare you for tonight's premiere, check out the videos below to get a little preview of the show: 

#anceBattle America will debut directly after season 21 of Dancing with the Stars, tonight at 10 p.m. 

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